9 Healthy Foods Essential To Lower Cholesterol Levels

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According to foods to avoid with gout information, they also describe what causes high cholesterol in the body. Often high cholesterol levels are caused by poor diet. Your diet plays an important role in increasing and decreasing your cholesterol levels. Ironically, if your high cholesterol was due to your improper diet, you can also lower your levels of cholesterol by observing a proper diet. How then can you lower it? So that you can maintain your cholesterol levels, you can do it in two important ways. What you should do is to add certain foods that are responsible for decreasing LDL or bad cholesterol and at the same time cut down on your intake of foods that are responsible for increasing LDL. There are actually several types of foods that work differently to combat cholesterol. Here are some of the examples of those foods that help combat high cholesterol:


Choose fatty fish as this helps reduce LDL. It does not only replace meat but also provides omega-3, which is responsible for reducing LDL levels. The triglycerides present in your bloodstream are reduced and the abnormal rhythms of the heart are prevented from occurring when you eat fatty fish because of the omega-3. Try to eat fish twice or 3 times weekly to reduce your LDL levels.


Soybeans and other foods that contain these ingredients such as soy milk and tofu are good for health. Soy protein is a healthy food that can reduce your LDL levels by 5 to 6 percent when you eat a healthy serving of it daily.

Food with Stanol and Sterol Content

Stanols and sterols help the body in blocking cholesterol taken from foods. Food companies add a certain amount of stanols and sterols in foods such as granola bars, margarine, chocolates and orange juice, to name a few.

Fruits contain lots of nutrients that are essential for the body. In addition to the nutrients they contain, they also contain pectin, a soluble fiber known to reduce LDL levels. Fruits that contain high amounts of pectin include citrus fruits, strawberries, grapes and apples.

Vegetable Oils

Cut down your intake of high-cholesterol by avoiding the use of shortening, lard or butter. Instead, use vegetable oils that help reduce your LDL levels. Safflower, sunflower and canola are examples of vegetable oils.


According to studies, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and other varieties of nuts contain nutrients that can help keep your heart healthy. When you consume a healthy amount of nuts daily it can help reduce your levels of LDL.


Vegetables such as okra and eggplant are two important foods in the vegetable group that can decrease your LDL levels as well. They do not only contain soluble fiber but they also have low calories.


Beans contain lots of soluble fiber. They are hard to digest so you tend to feel fuller longer after eating them. These foods are perfect for losing weight as well. Beans include black-eyed peas, garbanzos, lentils and kidney beans, to name a few.


Containing soluble fiber, oats help maintain your cholesterol levels. Eating oat-based cereals or oatmeal at breakfast time can do wonders for reducing your LDL levels. They are especially more nutritious if you add some strawberries or bananas when you eat them.