Current State of HIV in Asia and the Rest of the World

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There are many ways how you could get HIV. This is a huge problem for so many countries today. Africa remains the region with the most cases of HIV. The second largest population of HIV belongs to Asia Pacific region with 4.8 million people. Because of this problem, a lot of people are wondering how to stop HIV from spreading.

How are we doing so far?
There is a lot of work to do when it comes to treating the disease. For instance, doctors still couldn’t find a way how to get rid of the virus once it reaches your body. There are also a lot of people who are still getting HIV.

So far, there is a lot of work needed, not only by the government but also by the private organizations. According to statistics, in 2013, there were around 1.5 million deaths because of AIDS. On the other hand, more than 2 million died because of HIV. This number says a lot about the access of people to anti-retroviral medication.

Who needs anti-retroviral medications?
There are a lot of people who are now looking for fast Anonymous HIV Testing. If you will look at the number of people who are trying to find out about their condition, there are those who are not really sexually active who wants to find out if they are really HIV positive.

It is possible that you get infected even if you haven’t had sex with someone HIV positive. Health workers for instance are at risk of this condition. Needle pricks can deliver HIV to your system. Drug dependents who are sharing needles are also at risk of HIV.

Also, if you will look at the statistics, you’ll notice that 3.2 million children are infected with HIV. It is primarily because of breastfeeding, or due to the blood of the mother while in utero.

Unfortunately, 33% of the population of those mothers who need anti-retroviral are not receiving proper medical attention. In 2013, there were approximately around 240,000 new cases of HIV for children. Given the 9-11 year span of HIV cases, it is imperative to provide access to medication.

First step towards a solution
The first step towards cure is early detection. Early detection could be hard especially if you don’t have the facility to do the necessary testing. These days, fast Anonymous HIV Testing is conducted in different testing facilities encourage the very first step in eradicating HIV. It is possible to eradicate HIV once you know that you already have the condition.

It is not enough that you know that you have HIV. It is imperative that you also get support. Keep in mind that HIV is a very challenging situation. A lot of people will get frustrated because of the fact that you can’t get any cure. The good news is that there is a chance for you to stop the progression of the virus.

HIV will not turn to AIDS if you have the proper anti-retroviral medication. Anti-retroviral medication can be expensive in some countries, making it difficult for everyone to get access to.