Skip the Gym, Get Fit at Home

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Bright lights, fancy commercials, and lots of yoga pants make going to an overpriced gym seem glamourous. The TV ads make it look like you’re joining a special A list club, and the bodybuilder touts standing outside trying to lure in passers-by make you think you too can put on 25 pounds of muscle in a month if you sign up for an annual contract.

However, how many people actually want to make that 30-minute drive to the gym at 5:30 AM or after a 8+ hour work day? And, how many times have you gone to a fancy gym only to see broken equipment or 10-15 minute waits for your favorite machine or the squat rack? Get fit at home instead.

3 At Home Workouts

You can do these 3 workouts anytime you want in the comfort of your own home and save on those gym dues at the same time.


Yes, the mighty pushup is one of the best exercise you can do. It targets your chest, shoulders, bis and tri. It even helps your core. Best of all, you can do pushups for free.

You don’t need any special equipment. You can do regular pushups. You can change the positioning of your hands to target different muscle groups. You can even place your feet on a bench or chair to do inverted pushups.

Pull Ups

The king of body weight exercises is the pull up. And, you don’t need to pay an annual fee at a fancy gym to do this exercise. It’s something you can easily do at home.

Unlike pushups, you’ll want to invest in a piece of equipment. The good news is that you can buy it one time and keep it forever skipping the monthly fees or annual re-ups at your local gym.

There are all types of different pull bars, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that will fit within your budget and in your living space.


The plank might not look like much, but it’s a cold-hearted killer. While the above two exercises target mostly your upper body, the plank is aimed at giving you an iron core- think six pack abs.

The cool thing about the plank is there’s no movement. You don’t have to push, press, or lift anything. You just remain in a static position that forces you to use all the muscles in your core to work hard to maintain the positon.

It’s also an exercise you can do for free. You don’t need a special machine or any weights. You don’t need to pay a trainer. You can do it at home.

For a review of all the above moves plus a few more bonus moves we didn’t mention, check out Jeff at Athlean-X in his killer pullup workout video.


There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym for your workouts, but if you’re pressed for time, money, or both, you have other options. These three exercises are cheap and you can do them practically anywhere.

Now that you don’t have any more excuses for why you can start working on your beach body, it’s time to take action and get started – in the comfort of your own home.